Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Hiring the workforce skills you need, when you need them and only for as long as you need them is more than a convenient and efficient management solution to meeting your needs for supplementary skills; it’s also a very cost-effective way to obtain specialist skills on a short, medium or long- term basis.

And when you need those extra skills, who better to call than a company which employs a comprehensive range of work force skills for agribusiness, aviation ground handling, civil construction, manufacturing pharma, warehousing and logistics, transportation,

Workforce International has some 3,500 employees with significant experience across a wide range of industries and a candidate database of over 100,000 across Australia.

Our Abiding Commitment to Safety

The safety of everyone affected by our workplace activities is Workforce International’s single greatest concern and central to our business philosophy. So we invest heavily in safety through specialist personnel and training resources to create an environment which encourages and empowers our people to place their personal safety and that of their work mates above all other priorities.

Our “Safe, Accident-Free Enterprise” (SAFE) Program focuses on making everyone more risk aware, emphasising the responsibility we share for each other’s safety. With strong leadership, clearly communicated expectations and continuous dialogue with our employees and clients, we continually strive for an industry best-practice safety culture.

All candidates listed in our FastTrack database have undergone our stringent pre-screening and assessment process. They have been interviewed and background-checked and their licences and qualifications sighted and recorded.

Finally, our thorough site-specific induction programs ensure that they quickly become productive when they come to work for you.

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