Dealing with the coronavirus situation as it develops is a major concern for Workforce International Group. The health, safety and welfare of the company’s workers and anyone affected by its business undertakings are our main priorities. We continue to monitor the information provided by the Federal Government on Australia’s response, as well the international response and act on this advice.

To reduce the risks to our employees and our clients the organisation has implemented a policy that prohibits access to any of our depots, branches and client sites for 14 days for anyone who has returned to Australia from overseas after midnight 15 March 2020, or anyone who has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Employees with potential exposure or those exhibiting potential symptoms of COVID-19 cannot return to work until examined and cleared by a doctor. It is hoped that this action will help to minimise the spread of the virus within the company and at our client worksites.

The organisation has also imposed a ban on overseas travel and has restricted domestic travel unless approved directly by the CEO. Workforce is continuously reviewing its business continuity plans and has implemented other processes to ensure that the business can continue to operate and service its clients via key staff working from home of from other office locations if necessary. At this stage there are no immediate concerns or issues with the supply of workers to clients anywhere in the country.

Information for Employees:

Employee Notice 2 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert 19-03-2020
Vulnerable Worker Notice (COVID-19) v1

Information for Clients:

Client Notification 2 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Health Information:


COVID-19 Social Distancing v1
Social Distancing and COVID-19 Controls for Labour Hire v1A
Social Distancing and COVID-19 Controls for Traffic Control and Line Marking v1